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Annuals In Containers

Container gardening is definitely a good alternative when wanting to add color to your home when lacking space or not wanting to dig in a hole in your yard. Annuals add seasonal color to your containers and come in many varieties-they may be trail, climb, or grow upright. Annuals are seasonal plants which gives you the chance of changing your container design seasonally.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Repotting

Orchid repotting times are different from your average houseplant. If an orchid appears to have outgrown its pot, the roots look tightly tangled or the potting medium looks like it may be rotting. It might be time to get your gardening gloves on and start the repotting process

Early Spring Lawn Care Tasks

Spring is in the air and while we are ready to welcome the sunnier and longer days into our life, your lawn might not. Spring is a sensitive time for your yard and once daffodils return, the time to complete your early spring garden tasks begins.

For many shrubs, winter is a great time for pruning. You may prune to promote flowering, encourage new growth, improve the habit or shape of the plant, or simply to clean up an untidy plant. It is important to know your plant before you start cutting away.

Winter Pruning for Trees

Winter is an excellent time to prune deciduous trees. Trees need pruning for a variety of reasons. Young trees need training to produce a structure that will be strong and beautiful for years to come. Mature trees may need to be thinned or branches removed.

How-to Repot Your Houseplants

Repotting is the action of putting a plant from one container to another; usually, a bigger one to give more root space to a growing plant. However, repotting does not always involve changing a plant’s current container, but rather, changing its soil to refresh its nutrients....

“There is something refreshing about putting your plants in a freshly picked container”

Bird Feeding in Winter: All You Need to Know

Bird feeders come in lots of shapes and sizes and are designed to supply foods that attract particular groups of birds. That's why we think is important to know the difference between the types of feeders and the bird species they attract.

Starting Seeds Indoors: Step by Step

Get a head start on your gardening by starting seeds indoors. Starting seeds indoors has its benefits (like early harvest). If you live in a colder climate where you might have to wait for outdoor soil to reach the optimal temperature, you’ll miss out on growing days. But here is where starting seeds indoors comes in to save the day!

A Guide to Houseplant Care

We know that caring for a new houseplant can be both exciting and intimidating. No worries, not every houseplant requires a natural green thumb.

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