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Phalaenopsis Orchid | Double Stem | White

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Botanical Name


The “Moth” orchid is native to the Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia, and Australia. Pronounced “Phal-en-OP-sis”, this orchid is quickly becoming the most popular of all orchids. The white or pastel flowers display themselves gracefully on an arching spray that lasts at least three months. The Phalaenopsis orchid requires bright indirect light, remains compact and is ideal for growing under fluorescent lights. It is equally important not to let water stand in the center of this plant since crown rot is likely. After the flowers drop, cut the stem off near the base. Each year the plant will grow a new set of leaves on top and will, sometime, drop the oldest leaves.

Enhancements: Choose from 3 styles of container. Includes top dress of moss, and willow branch for support.

Additional Information: General Orchid Care